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At Advanced Building and Remodeling, we are a team of highly experienced remodeling professionals. We specialize in design-build services, so our team can create your dream space from start to finish. When you decide to take on an endeavor like remodeling your entire home, changing the layout, or even putting an addition on your home, you will be starting a relationship with people who will be in your life for the duration of your renovation, so it is key to have a team of individuals who you can trust and communicate with. We excel at bringing to life the ideas you have for the space you want to transform. Get to know our team and contact us for your next home remodel project.

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John Calderon, CR

Owner/Director of Construction

John Calderon is the owner of Advanced Building and Remodeling. John has worked in many different areas of construction including residential and commercial building until founding Advanced Building and Remodeling in 2016. John has over 20 years of construction experience which makes him an expert in quality results with incredible customer service. Far from being a hands-off owner and manager, John is integral to nearly every step of the renovation process for each project that Advanced Building takes on. He will likely be involved in the first meetings to develop your concept, as well as be there to see your project finalized. John is certified with the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, a member of the National Kitchen & Bath, holds two prestigious California State Contractors License in both B – General Building and C-10 Electrical, Nationally Certified with Safe Lead Practice with the EPA, Certified with the National Association of Home Builders, OSHA Certified and he takes improving his craft very seriously. John has recently earned the prestigious designation of Certified Remodeler by NARI. He is one of five that hold this elite title in Los Angeles County.

John is a Los Angeles native. When he is not working he enjoys spending time with his family, the outdoors, and traveling.

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Rika Ikegami

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Heather Franklin

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Juan Gramajo Jr.

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Miguel Romo

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Charles Pulmo

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Albert Jimenz

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Nalani Epps

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Jennifer Silverstien

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Mark Arguilla

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Samantha Warren

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Allison Bird

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Edward Chen

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Nicole Lewis

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Joise Ingles